Hang Up. Chill Out.

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Hang Up. Chill Out. #FindYouphoria

Camping Hammocks by Youphoria Outdoors

  • PACK LIGHTER: Packed up, our Double Hammock measures ONLY 6” x 3.5” and WEIGHS just 12oz (the single only weighs 9.7 oz).  It’s one of the Smallest, Ultra-Light, Camping Hammocks on the Market. You still get Full Length and Width at 9’ x 6’ in use. We don’t leave you “HANGING” when it comes to features. (See what we did there?)
  • STRENGTH + PRACTICALITY: The Hammock’s Ends are Triple Bar-tack Stitched with Dyneema (the strongest thread in the world) for Security and Stability.  Hammock Ends also have a Reflective Stripe for those “Middle of the Night Situations.”  Smart right?
  • 2 x 10FT STRAPS =  40FT PARACORD : Get more reach and functionality with 2 Dual-Paracord Straps.  Not to Mention, our Strap has 650-Paracord (yeah, we’re getting technical on you) for Extra Strength and Durability.
  • CLOUD COMFORT: Our Lightweight Nylon Material is also the Softest on the Market —  Breathable and Ultra-Smooth for YOUR Comfort. Why Have it Any Other Way?

Setting Up Your Hammock is Easy

Find Your Space, Strap Tight, Hang Loose

Premium Features at a Bargain Price

Youphoria Outdoors Camping Hammocks are lighter, stronger and
will last longer than other premium competitors at a fraction of the cost.

Pack Light, Spread Wide

Some of the lightest hammocks on the market. We have designed them to pack super convenient but give you the same layout room as other guys.

Premium Wiregate Carabiners

Lightweight, Durable, and Smooth Edges make these the best choice aluminum carabiners for any type of hammock tree suspension straps or rope system.

Triple Stitch Quality

Made from the Highest Quality Premium Materials – Extra Strong and Breathable Woven 210T Nylon, Nautical Grade 6mm Rope, and Highly Durable Triple Stitching. Hammock straps are included with the Double Hammock.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the length of this hammock?

The Double Hammock is 9ft Long x 6ft Wide and the Single Hammock is 9ft Long x 4ft Wide.  Double has plenty of room for two. The single is great for one person and/or weight-conscious backpacking situations

Can this be used with a stand hammock stand?

Yes, we recommend a hammock stand with at least 15′ for our hammocks and you have to take into account the hanging rope/straps.

Is the material comfortable in the heat and humidity of summer?

Absolutely.  It’s very breathable. Many of our customers enjoy them on the beaches of Florida, California, and even South America.  The hammock dries quickly if wet and is made with the highest quality ultra-light nylon material.

#FindYouphoria with Youphoria Outdoors Camping Hammock

Reclaim the outdoors with your Youphoria Outdoors Camping Hammock.